Coffee with Michelle- Leigh Bardugo Trauma

Apr 24, 2018
  1. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.
I was young and innocent when I opened my first Leigh Bardugo book , Shadow and Bone and it changed my life forever.
You have to understand that I have never in all the years of my life my heart had never been broken, until Leigh destroyed it in a million pieces. Here is a video explaining my experience and why I am so upset with the ending of Ruin and Rising.

In the video I mention a Twitter, my twitter used to be Sun_Summoner_  now it is called berrybookpages. I was SUCH trash of this fandom that I MADE ALL THIS PICTURES. ALL.OF THEM.


I am not even ashamed and please don't get me wrong I LOVE Leigh Bardugo so much and I still have love for Shadow and Bone it just hurts and I wanted to share my experience.

What was your experience with The Grisha Trilogy? Did you like the ending?

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