DIY #1 The Dregs Costume Funky Pop Vinyl Figure

Apr 24, 2018
Hey Dregs!

I am a HUGE Leigh Bardugo fan. She is one of my absolute favorite authors and Six of Crows is one of my favorite books. Naturally, I needed to make my own Dregs Funky Pop and today I want to show you how to make yours. I have like a million bookish funky pop ideas and I really hope one day Funko Pop will realize that there is A LOT of us bookworms wanting to buy our favorite book characters in funky pop form and start making funky book characters.

After of hours panting,this is the final result. I have to say I am quite please with the finish look:


Lets consider that I am a broke college students so I wanted to make the process as cheap as possible at the end of the day I spent $80 dollars including supplies which for me was a GREAT deal considering that if I brought  a costume funky pop it would had been $40 dollars each plus shipping.

The hard part is finding Funky pop that somewhat resemble the characters, but now to worry because I GOT YOU after getting each funky is just painting them and giving their clothes the right color. There are a few settings sprays that protect the paint.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend it because there leave the funky too shiny making it impossible to take pictures. I even brought one that was a "matte" and it didn't work.

I made the funks almost 6 month ago and right now I had no trouble with the paint. I stays on and they are as good as new.

Now let me show you what funky I used for each Dregs character.



Buy it














Buy it 

Below every picture there is an amazon link here you can buy all the funks.
*I am an Amazon affiliate so Berrybookpages receives a small commission for any purchases made through the amazon links, any money receive from amazon would be use to improve my blog like helping me buy a domain and a  better theme*

 In total of all the Funky pop was around $50. Keep in mind you can buy them anywhere you want I am telling where I personally brought them.

After I got all my Funky pop I went to buy materials. I didn't go to any fancy craft store I use Walmart. I brought

  • Matte acrylic pain
  • Brushes
  • Clay

Then I just painted them according to my imagination and the poster provided by Leigh Bardugo.

It was surprisingly easy to paint them and very relaxing. For all 6, it took me a whole day.

IMG_8273IMG_8274 2

Tell me in the comments if you are planning to make yours!Or if you have yours send a picture! Have fun and I hope this was helpful.


  1. How did you get the cane out of Kazz’s hand without breaking it?

  2. How did you add the wave on Kaz's hair?


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