Don’t be suspicious

Feb 26, 2020
Don’t be suspicious
by Michelle R. Lecumberry 

Don’t be suspicious while I gather my scatter clothes around the hotel room. 

Ignore the creaking sounds the wood boards make, just like you ignore the feeling things have not been good for a while.

Don’t listen to the voice inside your head telling you I am leaving you. 

Why would I leave you? I love you

Ignore the feeling at the pit of your stomach warning you not to trust me. 

Why would you not trust me? You love me.

Ignore your instinct telling you to wake up because something is not right. 

Don’t be suspicious while I gather the money out of the hidden spot in the corner.

Don’t listen to the sound of the car driving away. 

Because I am leaving you. 

And you should have listened
to your instinct,
the voice inside your head,
the pit in your stomach,
and all the other little clues. 

My love, looks like you should have been suspicious after all. 

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