Why did I unfollow 1,500 people on Instagram

Feb 4, 2020
Everything started with two questions that really left me thinking:

1. Do you unfollow inactive accounts?
2. What makes you unfollow an account?

Those questions inspired the idea of check who I was following, it was really eye-opening to see that I didn't know most of the accounts, some were business that closed, some were accounts that were deactivated, some were accounts were not active anymore that had new accounts, personal accounts and some were accounts has not been active for more than a year.

Other accounts that I was following were vlog squad accounts or bachelor accounts since I am currently obsessed with both but I should have been following those accounts on my personal Instagram.

So I made the decision to start unfollowing people but with these criteria;

  1. Do I enjoy their content?
  2. Have we interacted?
  3. Have they been active on stories or feed in the last year?

It was an overwhelming bittersweet experience, I re-discovered accounts I used to love and kind of forgot about and I got really happy to see them thriving, but it was really hard to see accounts that I admired that were gone or accounts of people that started their accounts around the same time as me and to see the gone was so sad.

The task of unfollowing accounts took me around 5 days (and still not done). There is a warning, be careful how many people you unfollow daily because Instagram will get mad at you if you unfollow a bunch of people at the same time. Take it from me, I was blocked from Instagram for 2 weeks so I really don't advise you to unfollow more than 100 people a day.

There are some benefits to following only accounts you are excited about and active;

-The algorithm will have a clear picture of what accounts you enjoy following and will help create a better Instagram experience.

-Your explore page will be mostly filled with similar accounts you are following, this will help you discover more bookstagrammers.

-When you are always seeing fresh and different content it is easier to get inspired.

-Being in the right category and interacting with bookish accounts will tell the algorithm that it is likely that other bookish accounts will enjoy your content therefore it will push your account’s engagement.

I have new goals for 2020;

-Follow only people I know.
-Follow people who are creating content that I enjoy and admire.
-Try to find new accounts to follow every week

What's one of your new goals for 2020?

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  1. i recently did this and it really helped me mentally since before i didn't see my fave author's/acc's posts!!


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